This family business was established in the year l98l because of the concern of a character José González Jurado natural Torrox (Málaga) tireless and multifaceted. This man looking for some time a type of business that replace its ailing economy and that's when set in La Línea de la Concepción (Cádiz). Buying originally a rustic plot with no little difficulty. Use this site to store then (already starting to cross off some really crazy) materials from demolitions carried out by the same. After hoarding enough of these materials, it occurs to open to the public here to trade in these materials. In principle almost everything that came out of these demolitions, gates, fences, furniture, iron, sheet metal and countless objects, having some success. A few years specifically in the year 1990 he joined the family business his youngest son Javier. Following in principle on the same line, but some time later when his father passed retirement he decides to go changing the type of objects to trade and will recycle those that had previously been stored.
Later from 1999 it was decided to give an idea a little more specific to this business and decided to take a curious name that was in line v sounded rather rustic. So you think e! founding father who was in his early nomadic shepherd across the country, carrying mainly goats, and the first name comes calling: buying used items Venla "GOATHERD". At this stage, as the name suggests are bought and sold all kinds of objects related to the recycling of demolition materials and antiques. Animals were then also stripped of some old doors.
After some time specifically on 2002, due to requests from customers, it is necessary to go doing some restoration work on the doors, windows, furniture and other objects. Then the business expands with a small workshop to repair all this.
Currently restorations GOATHERD besides having a large stock of all types of recycled materials (aluminum joinery, carpentry of wood and iron, objects for decoration, stone doorways, furniture, antiques, etc.), we have also incorporated catering for woodwork items we sell as well for some customers to bring restoration.
In "GOATHERD" as a small family business without large resources but constant renewal, we treat every work as their own and offer a personalized service to each customer.